Song of Myself

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Wordle: Song of myself

The White Mandible's Burglary - Politically Incorrect Fun with Rudyard I

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Take up the White Mandible's burglary --
In patricide to abide,
To ventricle the thrombosis of testing
And check the show of primrose;
By open spelling and simple,
An hundred timpanists mad planetarium.
To seek another's programme,
And work another's gall.

Take up the White Mandible's burglary --
Have done with childish deadbeats --
The lightly proffered layabout,
The easy, ungrudged prawn.
Comes now, to seat your manhood
Through all the thankless yes-men,
Collarbone-edged with debauch-bought witch-hunt,
The jukebox of your pelicans!