Van Gogh

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Van Gogh is a powerful proof that Art and Economics are compatible
Van Gogh is the patron saint of the unpublished
Van Gogh is deemed by society to be one of our greatest and most successful artists
Van Gogh is almost as famous for his mental instability as for his vivid paintings
Van Gogh is the apotheosis of the mad genius
Van Gogh is subject to epileptic fits at very great intervals

Van Gogh is reflected by the conflict among colors themselves
Van Gogh is depicted with a dark blue painter's smock

Van Gogh is the bomb
Van Gogh is unmistakable
Van Gogh is our hand

Van Gogh is a plug
Van Gogh is a painter
Van Gogh is gathering a reputation among audiences of all types

Van Gogh is an eight year old cat that developed an aggressive cancer of his right ear

Van Gogh is passionate
Van Gogh is believed to have set up his easel

Van Gogh is locked away in the Neue Pinakothek in Munich
Van Gogh is said to have breathed a sigh of relief that no one bothered about him and that he could paint as much as he wanted

Van Gogh is a passion, look here,
Van Gogh is a phenomenon well beyond the conventional bounds of art history
Van Gogh is samengesteld


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Christianity is dangerous
Christianity is impossible
Christianity is losing ground
Christianity is Christ

Christianity is superior to humanism
Christianity is American heresy

Christianity is true?

Christianity is just as true as real science:
How do you know if anything is true?
How do you know that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit?
Christianity is not just another emotional or psychological experience?
Is the New Testament historically reliable?
Did paganism influence first century Christianity?
What proof does a Christian have that God through Jesus Christ has converted them?
Christianity is overrated? attacked? misunderstood? ignorant?

Christianity is perceived
Christianity is silly
Christianity is western

Christianity is unconstitutional
Christianity is ridiculous
Christianity is just a crutch
Christianity is for real people
Christianity is concerned not with self
Christianity is Jewish

Christianity is a hoax
Christianity is true
Christianity is false and immoral
Christianity is no fraud
Christianity is unique among religions
Christianity is not what Christ taught
Christianity is a 'meme'

Christianity is really quite simple
Christianity is neither a theory nor a philosophy
Christianity is the highest ethical standard known to mankind
Christianity is needed to save a weak generation
Christianity is the true reformation

Christianity is still true? The remnant is

Christianity is a relationship with Jesus
Christianity is to conquer by forgiveness
Christianity is dying
Christianity is a drug
Christianity is like an apple
Christianity is hell on earth
Christianity is depressing
Christianity is the cross of Christ
Christianity is all about 86

Christianity is communal rather than individualistic
Christianity is different from all the others
Christianity is reasonable and unreasonable
Christianity is not the cause of gay problems
Christianity is harmful to animals
Christianity is a religion of incarnation

Christianity is truth based on historical facts because of the dynamic and vital life of the church
Christianity is in the form of a long encyclopedia entry

Christianity is just as bad as Islam


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Islam is more than a religion
Islam is your birthright
Islam is for the whole mankind

Islam is the soft but swift breeze that removes the heavy but yet invisible veil that covers the reality of this world

Islam is for all mankind
Islam is for people who think
Islam is growing in America; its members defy stereotypes
Islam is winning black America

Islam is peace says president
Islam is the religion of love
Islam is innocent of criminal acts
Islam is a nation of peace

Islam is not terrorism
Islam is not the source of terrorism
Islam is an utmost necessity

Islam is true
Islam is clear
Islam is wealthy
Islam is unfamiliar
Islam is what it is
Islam is evil
Islam is everywhere
Islam is modern
Islam is comprehensive
Islam is complete
Islam is dynamic
Islam is not Islamic
Islam is a Muslim

Islam is peace Islam is ease Islam is beautiful Islam is successful Islam is harmony Islam is unity Islam is purity Islam is sanity Islam is love

Islam is more than a religion
Islam is more than the Koran
Islam is a code of life
Islam is the religion of the devil
Islam is the solution
Islam is our only choice
Islam is on the march

Islam is not the source if terrorism but its solution
Islam is a way of life and of belief revealed by God
Islam is our fight, too

Islam is an ideology
Islam is put in class with communism
Islam is not about extremist politics
Islam is a quixotic quest
Islam is not a modern phenomenon
Islam is incompatible with terrorism
Islam is the perfect control for the fitrah

Islam is frequently misunderstood and may even seem exotic in some parts of today's world

Islam is a religion of tolerance
Islam is xenophobia
Islam is winning black America; now is the time to turn the tide
Islam is the only truly universal religion
Islam is revived after every kerbala
Islam is the best

Islam is not the culprit
Islam is the strongest moral force on earth

Islam is bad? then look at Christianity


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Ghandi is not a cheeseburger
Ghandi is the coolest Buddhist
Ghandi is great

Ghandi is now seeking a recording contract with a company located in Nigeria or overseas
Ghandi is apparent in the depth and breadth of information
Ghandi is a role model to me because of his unique ways of handling problems
Ghandi is one of them

Ghandi is not reincarnated in India in time to throw off Britain’s colonial chains
Ghandi is about as big as contrasts get
Ghandi is being defrosted under supervision of scientists
Ghandi is negotiating with the high priest of fiberland
Ghandi is proud of the performance of the 1970 squad
Ghandi is the main character in the mural
Ghandi is a swell fellow and will not be attending hell anytime soon

Ghandi is still on combat alert
Ghandi is a behemoth and could kick your ass with ease
Ghandi is through with that whole passive protest thing
Ghandi is very popular now not only because he is so beautiful

Ghandi is peace
Ghandi is dead
Ghandi is doing the Party no harm

Ghandi is assassinated
Ghandi is imprisoned
Ghandi is carrying out further research

Ghandi is behind the building
Ghandi is due in stores
Ghandi is with him

Ghandi is the person I respect the most
Ghandi is married to Omo
Ghandi is assassinated


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Porto is the city where I was born
Porto is both village and metropolis
Porto is

Porto is as much a cosmopolitan centre as it is a city steeped in the historical events of the past

Porto is located in the north coast of Portugal and is served by a good road infrastructure
Porto is located close to the international airport

Porto is a very hilly city

Porto is a city of hills on the north bank of the river Douro
Porto is associated with a dish of tripe
Porto is the capital and gateway to the north
Porto is a city proud of its status as the founder of the Portuguese nation
Porto is old

Porto is the home of port wine
      porto is sweet
      porto is the wine that captivated Russian czars
      porto is better known as the best dessert wine in the world
      porto is now obtained by adding 20 % brandy

Porto is its capacity of existing without being there
Porto is the heart of an area of great vitality
Porto is Portugal’s second
Porto is located in the end of Camarinas' creek

Porto is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has many and old traditions
Porto is also called a mui nobre
Porto is also known as the city of work

Porto is characterized by three forms of urbanism and each one of them is related to a specific anthropological structure

Porto is another ancient hill

Porto is also about its people
Porto is also a natural base from which to explore the wonderful Douro valley with its vine
Porto is absolute klasse
Porto is the European cultural capital

Porto is found not only in its historic buildings that link the past to the future
Porto is the hub

Porto is not recommended except in calm conditions since the entrance is dangerous in any swell

Porto is a city of contrasts
Porto is the most important one
Porto is called lazzaretto and is covered with a luxuriant mantle of pines
Porto is the largest state university in Portugal
Porto is an excellent city to spend time walking around and exploring
Porto is a walk through the history of architecture and art

Porto is blocked

Porto is about 30 minutes away by motorway